For the Safety Boat Helm/Crew

Here’s a reminder of our 6 top tips for being an effective safety boat.

ALWAYS wear the kill cord.

It is an offence to endanger life by not wearing the kill cord, it’s also the leading cause of powerboat accidents around the world.

ALWAYS wear a buoyancy aid.

Lead by example, stay safe & wear your buoyancy aid.

ALWAYS operate a safety boat with 2 people.

It takes two to tango…it also takes two to safely operate an effective safety boat.

ALWAYS pull the kill cord when recovering people from the water

Propellers are dangerous, pull the kill cord out when you are in contact with someone in the water.

ALWAYS drive with due care and attention.

Like driving a car it is important to pay attention to the road ahead and keep a good lookout for any one who has capsized or may need assistance.

ALWAYS ask for help if you are unsure.

If at any point you feel you may need some guidance about the safe use of our powerboats or how to perform a rescue please seek assistance from a powerboat instructor or a member of the committee.