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Simon Munro

    Disclaimer – I don’t attend opens, so I don’t really know what people look for. While doing as many races as quickly as possible via back-to-back gets racing done, it doesn’t highlight the best parts of Silver Wing. You can go to any ‘ol concrete bowl with better wind. Rather take advantage of what SWSC is good at… easy launching, great views, friendly atmosphere. If you do put in 3 back-to-backs, ramp up the social aspect and have a barbeque or something. The dragon boaters are know this well.

    On Solos, as I have mentioned to Dave M, how many SWSC members pay class association fees? We really should encourage Solo sailors to join, so that we can be seen as part of the community. A club with only 2 or 3 registered members won’t get much support and interest from the class association, I would think. We should have at least ten Solo class members.