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Adam Wickenden

    They do have a tally of the number of boats at a club on the clubs page on the website. The number of boats, the name of the club and the fleet captain are all wrong. Yes – I e-mailed them last year!!

    There is a link to the boat register that the Dutch association maintain that can be found on the Solo website. Covers all the UK.

    Solo register

    He does keep it up to date! I haven’t sent him an update for a year or so. – it says we have 17. boats. I suspect it includes Ken and Carol Andrews. boats. I’m actually not 100% sure of all the boats we have and their sail numbers.

    Comets also list us on their club page. I really ought to let them know what we have.
    Is it 4 comets (Ken, Eric, Lesley, Helen), 2 Versas and 1 Trio?