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      Adam Wickenden

        Hi all

        Boxing Day 2021 did not happen due to a chronic lack of wind. We decided at the time we would run the 2021 Alistair Rouse Bowl sometine in 2022. We did the same fo the 2020 one which we sail Easter Monday 2021 when we returned to sailing.
        We ran the full even on Easter Monday 2021 – both the Alistair Rouse Bowl (1st overall) and the prise calculated on personal handicap.

        This year it is provisionally down on the Clubhouse Calendar for Easter Sunday (17th April). However we normally run the Easter Egg Cup on the day – 5 Sprint Series races, 4 to count.
        It would probably be too much to add a 6th long race to Easter Sunday, and I doubt taht Monday would work – been a long time since ban holiday Mondays have worked.
        Anyway – here are the options that I’ve come up with:

        1) Run it as a 6th race on Easter Sunday – too long a day.
        2) Run it on top of the Easer Egg Cup – say all 5 races to count for the Bpwl and 4 for Easter Egg. Ditch the personal handcap prizes.. A bit lame and over complicated.
        3) Easter Monday – unlikely to work this year.
        4) Have it as a special race on the Platunm Bank Holiday in June.

        Idea folks…..

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        Philip Bergquist

          Hi Adam,
          As this is normally a special event run on Boxing Day I would like to see it run over the Platinum Holiday dates. It is a very special event which deserves it’s own day and a good turnout considering what it represents.

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          Adam Wickenden

            Yes – one for the committee that are looking after this.

            I’ll put it down provisionally on the calendars for that weelend.

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