Wing Cadets is our Sunday afternoon training for youths and juniors aged 8 to 17. We have a great range of boats, from Oppies, Picos and Toppers through to Fevas, Lasers and Visions.

Session Times:  14:00 till 16:30, 30 minutes of rigging & launching time is built into this year’s sessions. We are now asking you to ensure your children arrive dressed, ready to go sailing, as our changing rooms remain off limits.

The Price: just £5 per session, and will be pay as you go!

Groups: Groups will be of no more than 5 students per instructor. Groups will not mix on the water or land during sessions. Parents are invited to drop their kids off with us and leave site, parents must have signed their kids into our care before leaving site. This is a change to our normal operation to avoid overcrowding on site. Please remember social distancing and that the club-house is currently not open to members.

Your Arrival, Sign-in & Collection: On arrival kids should be changed, in wetsuits and where possible have their own buoyancy aid. If they were in Wing Cadets last year, they must supply their own buoyancy aid. Parents will need to sign their children in at the training room door at 14:00. The children will then be taken by their instructor to their area and go sailing. Parents must collect their children & sign them out in the car park next to the training room at 16:30 when the sessions end.

For Non-Members: You must be a member of Silver Wing Sailing Club to take part in Wing Cadets. If you are not already a member please contact to discuss our membership packages.